Hamburger Hunt

The not so humble hamburger, the history of this marvellous and very much taken for granted sandwich is often disputed, however we do know some things for certain, the word hamburger has nothing to do with 'ham' being in it, it comes from Hamburg in Germany, where they have had meat in buns for quite some time, and within Germany, the residents of Hamburg are actually referred to as Hamburgers! That's about all we know for certain, whether the start of the Hamburger as we know it was in the United States or Germany or anywhere else people will be arguing for eternity.

Anyway we're not here to discuss that, no, we don't really care too much about where it came from or who invented it, because in our opinion, the Hamburger is consistently being re-invented, sometimes quite poorly and occasionally oustandingly. The purpose of this 'hunt' is to find the best burgers around town, the greatest town around, Sydney! We'll be trying everything, from the fast food offerings to the classic milk bar burgers. Now I should tell you, I am of the strong opinion that a burger is a bun, beef mince pattie, sauce (any kind is permissible), lettuce and tomato, optional condiments include; beetroot, cheese, onion, mustard, pickles. Once you start throwing on an egg, bacon, pineapples and what not I think it moves past the hamburger stage into something entirely different. I don't have objections to promotional or gourmet burgers that may contain mushrooms, relish or something else that won't dominate, and take over the flavour of the sandwich.

I do, however, believe I have found the best hamburger, its big but won't fall apart, it drips, but only as it should, its cooked to order, it's tall and big, it's not overly complicated and has a consistent taste time and time again, however in the interest of the hunt I am going to sample as many different types of hamburgers from as many different establishments until I can once and for all crown one, King.

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** Best so far - Too close to call (Shake Shack (DU) / myBurgerLab (KL) / Dirty Burger (LN) **

Posted 18.09.2007

Hooters - Humble Texas

After a massive shop at the nearby Best Buy and still a few hours before I had to be at the airport, I thought squeezing in an all American classic burger would be a great way to relax and settle into my buyers remorse. I whipped out Google maps and had a look around, just a few hundred metres away was a Hooters, talk about a classic! I've only been to Hooters in Australia, so was keen to check out what it'd be like here where it was born.

Greeted at the door by probably a manager, as she actually had full clothing on, I was immediately complimented on my accent and how much it was loved. Shown to a table I sat down and my Hooters waitress came over and made me feel quite welcome. I created my own burger which was just a cheese burger, but added jalapenos and chose Texas toast instead of the brioche bun. While waiting, somehow the table behind me found out about my accent and where I was from and engaged me in conversation for a quite a while about a few different things.

Scintillating as the conversation was my beef sandwich had arrived. My first impresion was that the tatter tots were slightly over done. The burger however looked big, a well done patty (done this way by default for health reasons) the cheese was melted nicely the onions looked plentiful, unlike the lettuce. I put on my own combination of mayonnaise and ketchup closed it back up and started to feed.

I gotta say this burger was bloody delicous, and for one reason, the beef. It was so beautiful in beefy goodness, such an intense flavour, I loved it, the cheese and onion also went wonderfully with this meat, everything was pretty much irrelavent. I had the occasional hit of heat from the jalapeno but nothing overpowered the amazing beef. The pickle on the side was also nice to munch on between bites just to freshen the mouth to experience that beef again for the first time. Turns out the tatter tots were not that over done at all, and the toast was actually a great container for this burger.

Beef - 9 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 4 | Overall - 8

Posted 01.05.2017

Moylos - Dubai

Wanting to try something different but too lazy to go anywhere I looked long and hard for a place that appeared decent and also delivered. Understandably most of the best burgers here in Dubai do not deliver, some don't even do proper takeaway, so finding a good delivered burger is a challenge, no short part due to the fact that burgers simply do not travel well. Moylo's pops up on my screen, a rather small menu but that can be quite a good thing and featuring 100% angus beef, however not having a 'standard' type burger kinda bothered me, their signature burger has a cajun tempura onion ring in it, the cheese attack is a meat patty stuffed with cheeese as well as cheese on top, there's a honey bee that has bacon and a honey-mustard sauce, plus a couple of chicken burgers and a vegetarian burger.

I went with the Moylo's burger, a honeybee but not bacon and no honey-mustard, replaced with ketchup and mustard (my attempt at making it more 'standard') and also a hot chick, which is their hot fried chicken burger. First up the honeybee that wasn't really a honeybee at all, the first thing that strikes you with this burger is the bun, looks to be yet another potato bun here in Dubai that is really soft and quishy but starting to get as standard as the good 'ol sesame seed bun, still though its better than a crap bun. Visually the burger was quite good looking for a delivered burger, a decently thick patty that protrudes from all sides and has a lovely char to it with American cheddar melted nicely into the meat.

The first bite confirms the cook on the beef is very good, a roughly shaped meat patty that is cooked through properly and has a nice crust in some parts, the meat did have some fatty goblets throughout the mince but not enough to make it too much of an issue. Both burgers had identical meat patties which shows some level of consistency but the flavours were quite different, the Moylos with its cajun fried onion ring and signature sauce was a pretty tasty burger with a certain level of uniqueness, I quite enjoyed it but it was a little overpowering toward the end. My customised Honeybee was another story altogether, this burger allowed the quality beef to shine, the mustard and ketchup match up very well with the bun, meat and cheese to deliver a familiar flavour that would have been even better had there been onions and pickles at the party as well.

The parmesan truffle fries did what they always do on delivery, going stiff like rigor mortis had set in. A brief note on the hot chick burger, it was like mush inside, the coleslaw is far too wet, and they add hot sauce plus their signature sauce making it have the texture of a milkshake. Overall, the beef burgers on offer here at Moylo were quite good, and considering they were delivered means that in house, how a burger is meant to be eaten, they'd be pretty awesome.

Beef - 7 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 7 | Overall - 7

Posted 16.03.2016

Five Guys - Dubai

So... Five Guys in Dubai huh? I've eaten at Five Guys in London a couple of times and was pretty impressed with the feed I had, when I saw them opening up in Dubai I was pretty excited. Five guys don't deliver, which is great, they don't want you to experience a burger that has travelled for 30 minutes or so, you want Five Guys you get your butt down to an outlet and stand inline like everyone else. At the time of writing Five Guys have three locations in Dubai, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and JBR, in order of opening... I think. I went to the Dubai Marina Mall branch and like the London outfit the store had similar look and feel, that red and white theme, the bags of peanuts and that big open kitchen where all is on display.

The ordering system is pretty simple, there's no messing around with funnily named burgers that have crazy, decadent ingredients, no here it's just a hamburger or a cheeseburger, and you have a choice of getting these in a 'little' format, the difference is the little variant comes with one patty. Then you have a choice of a rather large number of toppings/condiments, which are all free. For me this is great, for others it's not so great as coming up with a combination they are happy with and sure will be to their liking can take sometime, so there's definitely a place for predesigned burgers, I'm just glad it's not here. They also have hot dogs, sandwiches, fries of course, and a large number of different flavoured shakes.

I got the cheeseburger (which comes with double patties), I added lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, jalapenos and capsicum (for something different and I love capsicum) I paired this to the classic combo of mustard and ketchup. I also got a side of cajun style fries, which are cooked in peanut oil, I guess this is why there are peanuts everywhere and for you to eat while you wait, something I avoided, it's much more entertaining to watch the open kitchen assemble yours and others burgers, watching those beautiful patties sizzle, bright yellow cheese melt and fresh toppings placed onto the buns just makes you salivate even more, anticipating your burger and how good it's going to be.

The burger comes to you wrapped in foil, it doesn't matter whether you eat in or not, you get it in a bag and you go away from the counter, where you go they don't care, but they do have tables so you don't have to go far. From the second you unwrap this burger you know it's gonna be pretty bloody good, I mean just look at it, a glistening sesame seed bun hides underneath fresh lettuce and juicy tomato that is resting atop these succulent looking beef patties that protrude from every side of the burger and have a lovely bit of yellow goey melted american cheddar in between them, you can see hints of sauces and other toppings chosen and honestly all you want to do take this to a dark corner and get funky with it.

It doesn't end there, I mean I hadn't even tasted it yet and after tasting I can say this is a sensational, almost orgasmic experience, everything works, the bun is perfect, the meat is incredible, the cheese and other toppings are on at just the right level and the sauce supports as it's meant to, the classic mustard and ketchup combo does treat this burger well, this truly is an amazing burger that must be had by all, even level 5 vegans. The beef is really top notch, it's tasty and moist but it doesn't feel fatty in the mouth, there's not even any little bits of fat in the meat that you notice, the grind is excellent and the grilling is even better. I can certainly see why they do not deliver these, I honestly cannot see this burger travelling and being anywhere near how good this was (especially being warpped in foil), and thats perfectly normal, any burger that travels suffers, everyone knows that, and even though I'm a lazy shite I fully support their decision to keep this burger a come and get it if you want it one. Lastly the fries do deserve a mention the cajun spice mix they put on them just makes them that little bit better, rarely do I finish my fries, particularly after a biggish burger, these though were stuffed down.

Beef - 9 | Bun - 9 | Cheese - 9 | Sauces - 8 | Salad - 8 | Overall - 9.5

Posted 15.03.2016

TBJ - Dubai

Another burger joint that actually calls itself that, which uses 'Australian' beef. I'm gonna be quick here, this burger was crap, a boring standard burger bun, really wet finely shredded lettuce, pretty boring cheese and meat that was quite slimy, no char marks or nice crusty bits, looked like a glossy brown turd, an unseasoned one at that too. All this put together really made for a crap experience that will never be had again, and completely overpriced too, probably as it's in the Atlantis hotel. So if you do feel like a burger and you're at the Atlantis hotel wait till you leave and have a burger at one of the other thousand places in Dubai.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 5 | Cheese - 3 | Sauces - 5 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 5

Posted 15.03.2016

LaSky Pizza and Burger - Dubai

Burger joints in Dubai, it's almost like counting grains of sands in the desert, there are so many of them you keep losing count La Sky Burger and Pizza is a new place that has opened up in the JLT area of Dubai, I'd seen it under construction for quite some time and was getting keener and keener to try it as the weeks went past. Finally when it opened I tried it, takeaway and eat in. My write up here will be on the eatin experience mostly. So a mate and I strolled on in, the keen wait staff certainly didn't make us wait and offered us any table we desired, all of them were the same though a weird setup were this tiny little chair goes completely under the table, back, armrests and all, after sitting down it felt rather like I was back in kindergarten and was about to do something with paint and my fingers however the decor feels like your at ur grandma's place and what was worse was the chair was just terribly uncomfortable. Not alot of thought had gone into the interior or the furniture it seems. Let's hope this because it all went into the food, their promise of certified Australian black angus surely meant this is were the focus is

I was interested in a slightly worried way that the menu had a so many salads and pasta dishes on it, I was thinking they'd specialise in burgers and pizzas, they also have a good selection of 'moctails' and 'deserts' in addition to this they also have an extensive 'appitizers' menu which had 'Flemings Wings' amongst other things. This was the next thing that worried me, see after witnessing the weeks (if not months) of setup and prep work going into this place I was expecting a pretty decent looking restaurant with a nice menu, what it appears to be so far is kindergarten for elderly people that has a menu like it was written by kindergarteners. Onto the burger part of the menu, they have a single, a double and LaSky to start with, these burgers are identical apart from the fact they have more meat, the La Sky has 'Tripple The Black Angus Beef' all come with usual trimmings including cabbage and something called La Sky sauce. I attempted to query what this sauce was but it was clear they were relucant to tell me, I guessed it was just a ketchup and mayonnaise mix. There's also a cheese umbrella burger which is described as 'lot of cheddar cheese like umbrella' which did nothing to explain what you would get if you chose to order this, there's also a swiss and mushroom burger, a cheese volcano burger described as 'lot of cheddar cheese in side of the beef when it cooked blast like volcano' this description, while slightly better certainly doesnt make you want to order it, my guess is this was a juicy lucy style burger, there's also a grilled and fried chicken burger, a hawaiian burger which has jalapeno and pineapple, a veggie burger, a tuna burger and lastly a turkey burger (cold cut), you can also add an extra beef 'petty' for 10AED

I'm a bit apprehensive at this point, who made this menu and concept? Anyway it's not as if I wasn't gonna try them, I'm here and I'm a committed burgermeister. We ordered the double and a cheese umbrella burger, we were assured the umbrella burger was something special we'd love it. We also ordered some garlic mushrooms to start and a serving of fries. The garlic mushrooms arrive and well this is a burger review so the fact these were shite and served with a measily slice of store bought french baguette won't be harped on about much, the fries however are an integral part of a burger meal and these guys claim fresh cut fries, they are not. They are frozen and they charge 15AED for pathetic serving which looks even smaller when brought out on a big dinner plate, they were however decent for frozen fries.

Now for the burgers, first up is the umbrella burger and oh my lord... what on earth is this nonsense? We were both speechless when this hit the table... wtf was it? Who on earth dreamt up this abomination and then thought it was a good idea to make and serve? How are you supposed to even eat this anyway? How was it even made? There's just so many questions and whole lot of confusion, it's not even served with a knife and fork, what the hell where they thinking?!?! My double arrives and it looks suspiciously like a swiss mushroom burger, I query this to the wait staff, who tells me yes this is a double, I'm not having any of this crap, this is clearly a swiss mushroom burger not a double and I flag down another member of the crew he comes over and says yes this is a mushroom burger, I explain to him I ordered a double, he thinks I mean double meat, which the swiss mushroom burger comes with anyway and he tells me yes it's double. I try to explain again pointing at the menu that I didn't order this, I want my normal double burger he's confused and walks away to the kitchen, after some discussion the 'supervisor' comes over to the table and asks what the problem is, I again explain this relatively simple situation, he apologies and says he'll get me another cooked, by this time though I was running out of time and needed to leave so I said I'll just eat that one, he listens to me, doesn't reply and instead yells to the open kitchen to start cooking a double right now. A little confused as to what just happened I said again that I didn't have time and I'd just eat this, he apologised again and left.

The burger was crap. I'm not sure who certified this Australian black angus beef but I seriously doubt it was any authority in Australia, the meat was just old tasting, there was no nice beefy flavour, no depth, no substance, just a crappy little meat patty that could have been made with the cheapest oldest mince you'd find in a supermarket on special, the mushrooms are cut to thick and the whole experience was made even lamer by the fact our buns were stone cold, when we asked about this it was apparently due to the fact we had requested no butter on the buns, from my previous experience these guys soak so much butter onto the buns it almost makes you sick, so when you ask for no butter this automatically means to them not to toast/warm the buns in any manner, why? I think it woulda been way too much trouble to ask, anyway while this was going on there must have been more discussion about the order mishap as the supervisor returns to the table to explain what happened, apparently the person who took the order on the android tablet had in fact taken it correctly as a double, however when he told the 'chef' he mistakenly told him it was a swiss mushroom, what this means to me I have no idea, but I was rather confused about something so I asked him if he's telling the order to the kitchen verbally why is he bothering to tap away into an tablet during the order process? There was no answer to this apart from an uncomfortable smile which I read as 'please let me go'.

To top off this circus my friend had enough of trying to negotiate this umbrella nonsense into his mouth, he asked the closest wait staff for the manager, after a short while he was told the manager is not here, after some more pressing apparently the manager is only there from 9am - 10am, but there is a supervisor, the supervisor was the same chap I had dealt with and he came over to tell us that the manager is available from 9am - 10pm, so my friend asked again, can I see him, no hes not there today. So after establishing this were told we can see the manager the next day between 10am - 11am... seriously what these guys are doing is a mystery, and just when we thought this disaster of a lunch was over, the original chap that took the order came over and started tell us how he only came to Dubai for a better life and he had no option to but to do this job, he has three degrees and lots of experience working in his field in his home country and we would be so surprised if we knew his qualifications this babbling went on for what felt like quite a while and we both felt rather uncomfortable at this point but I couldn't help but query 'why couldn't you get our order right then?'

Beef - 1 | Bun - 1 | Cheese - 2 | Sauces - 2 | Salad - 2 | Overall - 2

Posted 08.03.2016

4 Guys - Dubai

I wonder where these guys came up with such a cool, original name? Anyway enough sarcasm. During a lunchtime walk around JLT I stumbled upon these 4 guys, they convinced me to escape the punishing midday sun and try a burger. Something that certainly isn't a hard thing to do to me. The restaurant looked interesting inside, kinda a diner like feel, with an openish kitchen and big booths, the Hindi movie blaring on the tacky LCD screen plastered on the back wall detracted from that initial feel and really made you realise where you were. After looking at the menu I was a little scared, they do shawarmas, mexican, italian and burgers, could be a jack of all trades master of none type deal. Anyway I knew what I wanted to so I ordered the 4Guys burger and sat back watching the Hindi show.

A few minutes later the burger arrived with chips. Neatly wrapped up in branded paper, it looked pretty good , the finely shredded lettuce had me worried it'd be watery though, but under the hood it seemed fine. The burger also had mayonnaise on the top and bottom which again had me slightly worried. After a couple of bites I have to be fair here, it wasn't too bad, in fact it was quite good, I think part of this feeling was actually more relief that it wasn't terrible, it was also piping hot, which is irrelevant for the review as I was eating in, but it definitely helped this burger taste good, especially the patty which was moist, kinda fresh tasting and reasonably pleasant all round. The cheese was interesting, looked to be the standard plastic yellow American cheddar but this one seemed extra processed, it was almost like that cheese sauce they squirt over nachos, but in a solid form, it was however OK.

The bun had a slight yellow tinge to it, I figure it's yet another place doing burgers on potato buns. The double mayonnaise and mustard combo was actually very nice, with the slightly sweet onions and the pickles, it was a great meld of flavours that came together to deliver quite a solid burger. I really, truly was surprised, and again I hope my review of this burger is not tainted by this delightful surprise. I'm not 100% sure whether I would recommend this place to anyone else, just outta fear this one time was pure luck, that coupled with the reviews from other websites of this establishment make me even more sure that this positive review was a combination of luck and my expectation being so low to begin with. I should also add that the fries that came with burger were pretty crap, they were not even fried properly and even though they came out fresh (I think) they were limp, boring and as I said, undercooked. To be fair I think I'll try it again by myself and see what happens, but as it stands on this one try, 4 guys are doing pretty OK without the 5th.

Beef - 6 | Bun - 6.5 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 6 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 6

Posted 03.10.2015

Johnny Rockets - Dubai

With about 5 stores around Dubai this hamburger chain has had my eye for quite some time. I'm not sure where the claim of 'the original hamburger' comes from seeing as they opened their first store as recently as 1986. I did actually have them a couple of years back at the Dubai mall, and I remember them being pretty reasonable, the staff were very cheerful and the restaurant had a cool fonzy feel to it, I went to the toilet but sadly he wasn't in his office.

So today we're having the 'Original' and the 'Houston' which is their spicy burger, and a side of 1/2 and 1/2 onion rings and fries. The burgers come in cardboard boxes and are also wrapped in paper for added protection. These burgers were quite small, but to me that's perfect, allows me to eat two without too much suffering. First up we have the original, which is a burger that has the classic combination of lettuce, tomato, onions, relish, pickles, mustard and mayonnaise, was hard for me not have cheese but I wanted to try their original.

The first thing you notice about these burgers is the distintive yellow bun, something I don't remember from last time, perhaps they are new. It's a worrying trend I've started to notice here in Dubai, more and more potato buns, unless they are done really well they pale in comparison to a quality normal bun. Luckily for me, the at bakers are Johnny Rockets get these right, perfectly soft but firm and no funny taste to get in the way of the parts that really matter, and they do matter here, this burger tastes so fresh, the patty is almost crumbly in parts and while not the juiciest, certainly not dry, and mayonnaise is there but doesn't trouble the tastebuds and the flavours of the mustard, onions and pickles are easily discernable.

This got me quiet excited to try the Houston, with a proper amount of jalapenos, pepperjack cheese and spicy sauce along with the usual lettuce and tomato this burger had exactly the same patty as the original but definitely tasted different, superbly different. The heat coming from the burger is not something overwhelming its a good solid hot flavour and it compliments the burger well, still allowing you to taste that great patty. I loved it. All in all very happy with Johnny Rockets, will be back again and again, next time I'll try the cheeseburger or the #12... or both! And that's my parting advice to you, unless you're not normally hungry, I'd definitely order two burgers, you won't regret it!

Beef - 7.5 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 6 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 21.09.2015

McRoyale - McDonalds Dubai

It's been a while since a review of the golden arches has been put up, and while in transit at airports, they can be a safe bet. This particular McRoyale was consumed at Abu Dhabi International airport. Now unlike the famous movie where a Quarter Pounder is referred to as a McRoyale, here, the Mc Oz, or even older McFeast is known as the McRoyale. I'm always torn when I put up a McDonalds burger on the Hamburger Hunt, why? Because I've always said McDonalds aren't really proper hamburgers, they are McDonalds, anyway that's another story, for now, they are here.

Having this burger took me back... way back to the ninties I'm talking, I dunno how they manage it but this this burger tasted exactly like what a McFeast tasted back in 1994, minus the mayo of course. That manufactured but tried and tested frozen pressure grilled beef flavour, the plastic cheese and this one had a reasonable amount of salad to compliment the burger, and the stanadard issue maccas bun, I'm actuallly starting to think I prefer this over a whopper, maybe it was just nostalgia. Honestly, I got what I paid for and I was happy enough, at least it wasn't a farce food candidate.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 5 | Cheese - 3 | Sauces - 5 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 5

Posted 13.09.2015

Sheikh and Shake - Dubai JLT

I've been wanting to try these guys for a while now, I was thinking that they were a poor imitation to Shake Shack, but as a burgermeister this can't be left to theory, it has to be proven. The outlet I went to was in JLT, it was dead inside, but that was definitely due to the 39 or so degrees it was outside, the phone kept ringing and the delivery guys kept coming and going, the staff were very friendly and quite bubbly. The menu was quite extensive, with burgers, both beef and chicken, hotdogs, pizzas, milkshakes, all day breakfasts, cakes and even a few salads.

I decided to try their signature burger, the Super Sheikh, described as two juicy beef patties with Sheikh Sauce, layers of cheddar cheese, beef bacon, gaucamole, tomato, lettuce, onions and pickles. I immediately axed the beef bacon, not interested in that, but I resisted the urge to modify the sauce as we all know the special sauce is just a mix of ketchup and mustard. 10 minutes later it arrived at the table, I was starving at this point and the anticipation I felt as I was unwrapping the burger wondering what this one was gonna look like and more importantly taste was pretty high on the intensity meter. Beautiful was the first word that came to mind when I first looked at this beast, great size, the double meat didn't seem too overwhelming, there was discernable lettuce and the meat looked almost cripsy on the outside in parts.

The first bite was pure bliss, the pipping hot meat that was well done and had a crunchy crust on some parts was incredibly good, the lettuce was was also crunchy and the tomator was firm, there was even that slight hint of gaucamole and the pickles and onions just wrapped everything else up, the bun was also wonderfully soft and squishy but didn't lose form throughout the entire ordeal I put this burger through with my mouth. I loved this burger and will happily have it again and again, I'm not 100% sure the gaucamole was required on this burger but my fear of it interfering did not happen, so I'm good with it either way. Definite must try for anyone

Beef - 9 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8.5

Posted 13.09.2015

Wingsters - Dubai Marina

Finding a quality place that will deliver burgers in a decent state during the hot summer here in Dubai is a must, and Wingsters is it. An eatry that offers wings, salads and burgers based in the Marina the fact they deliver to JLT was welcomed but with due fear as there can be a delay getting between the two places but we decided to go for it.

They really only offer one type of beef burger that you can do different things to, it's called the Escobar and is described as 100% freshly ground certified angus beef, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, sliced cheese and Wingsters special sauce. We all got one of those, around 40 minutes later we started to really worry, what were were about to get was undoubtly going to be slop. When the food did arrive, our expectations were pretty low, and perhaps that had something to do with just how surprised we were when opening the styrofoam burger containers. They actually looked pretty good, sitting up straight, nice and plump with a healthy amount of toppings bursting out there was only one things left to do.

The moans and groans coming from everyone as we were hoing into these burgers was enough of a review for me, quality meat, fanastic american cheese, soft bun and quality toppings all round meant for a delicious burger experience and one thats been had a few times since. Highly recommend this burger to all Dubaites!

Beef - 8 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 13.09.2015

Wauchope Hotel - Northern Territory Australia

Ok so this review is of a burger I had in 2009. I wouldn't normally bother but this one's worth it. On a trip between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek on the 1st of Jan 2009 after a hectic new years eve at Tennant Creek we were all starving and in dire need of a pit stop. So in the monotony that is the Stuart Highway we saw signs to the Wauchope hotel and decided over CB radio that the convoy should stop. I loved the feel of this outback pub, it took a while to find anyone though, and I particularly enjoyed that slight feeling in the air that you were about to be murdered, slowly. Anyway when we did find someone, you could hardly miss him, a huge man and he was keen to take our orders, perhaps so he could get to the murdering. I opted for the classic beef burger and others had a veggie burger and even a fish burger.

When my burger arrived I must say I was pretty chuffed (happy), it really looked like a classic aussie milk bar style burger, the classic tip top burger bun, beetroot, grilled onions and a proper slab of not perfectly uniformly shaped beef. The taste was just as it looked, bloody brilliant, the beef was so delicious with the grilled onions and beetroot slice, this flavour was by far the most dominant during the devouration and I was pretty happy (chuffed) about that too!

Reports on the other burger variants were also very positive. I also got me a couple of darwin stubbies as souveniours, great place, and we didn't get murdered! Pity its so far away!

Beef - 8 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 7 | Salad 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 13.09.2015

Oblong Burger - Round Table Pizza - Dubai

First I wanna say that the website linked above is for the US site, there is no site here in Dubai. Second I wanna ask myself, what was I thinking? A burger from a pizza place? This is something I would normally not entertain, however I really felt like a burger and I didn't have much choices around me, also the menu describes the RT Deluxe Burger as 'A lean juicy quarter pounder on a soft french roll garnished with lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, mayonnaise and melted cheese' When you feel like a burger and you read something like that, it's pretty tempting, the only thing I was curious about was the word 'roll'. Either way this to me qualified as test worthy. The restaurant was quite dark and very dull inside, it was lunchtime and there was a big salad bar in the middle however everything was covered and there was 2 other ppl in the restaurant sitting at seperate tables, one was eating fried chicken! Anyway I proceeded to order, I also got a side of fries. After charging me the incorrect amount I see my order wasn't taken properly and went back to clarify, they rectified the issue and now I was waiting. After a rather long wait (considering nobody else was waiting for food) my order was up and I head back to the studio!

As you can see there seems to be quite a bit of food here, and now I see what they mean by roll, upon unwrapping the burger the needle on my 'what the hell have I done' meter creeps closer to 'Extreme', what lay before me was this rather large long coffin style roll which looked like it was hiding death inside, kind of apt really. Opening the lid to the coffin, I had mixed emotions, part of me wanted to cry, the other part was just happy I was going to have some food. The bread didn't feel too bad in my hand, the tomatoes were reasonable but the lettuce looked awful, the thin layer had become translucent from the mustard and mayonnaise, but the worst part by far was the actual beef, what they had done to this innocent bit of cow that was once part of a wonderful animal roaming the country side grazing on fresh green grass was nothing short of a crime. This disgusting, extremely dry and partly crumbly beef rectangle shaped patty was pretty close to the worst meat I have ever seen. I now know what it's like when people jump out of a plane on their first sky dive, or a bungee jump, I was fighting all my natural instincts to immediately eject this burger out the window and run as far as possible, unfortunately I won the battle and took the first bite, looking at the burger after the bite the meat really looked like jerky, as far as what was going on in my mouth... well, while the bun was soft it was also kinda crumbly, the tomato was distingushable, but everything else was just this weird half dry half wet mush, while it didn't taste disgusting it felt it, the story worsens with the second bite, unfortunately I did not have water near me, I seriously felt like running out to the desert and filling my mouth with the hot yellow sand to relieve the dryness that this patty delivers.

There's not really much else to say here, I was starving and had a few more bites between the cups of sand, I ended up giving up and throwing away a little more than half of the burger, I was starting to get full on the fries, now while these fries were just standard frozen fries, the oil used by these ppl to fry them must be the good ol factory type F oil, it really delivered that old school french fry flavour, none of that light fresh taste here, it was that hard fast food thick stodgy goodness... I liked it! The coleslaw that comes with the burger is a thimble size of what appears to be factory made stuff, edible and OK for what it is. In summary, will I go to Round Table again??.. definitely, to try a pizza, or maybe even the fried chicken (probably not), after all how hard is that to stuff up? I will however, never again take that leap and order a burger from these people, if you're ever in the desert and want a burger and you see a RoundTable restaurant, please treat it as a mirage and ignore, you'd be better off with the punishing midday sun and hot fiery sand. I have to go out now and get another 'what the hell have I done' meter as it exploded around the third bite.

Beef - 1 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 3 | Sauces - 3 | Salad 3 | Overall - 2

Posted 26.11.2014

Quick Burger - Chef Express - Dubai

American fifties style, that's the impression I got immediately when entering the restaurant, a few moments of looking around though, you can see it's that, but with a modern twist. After being suitably distracted by the bicycle on the wall I started looking at the very extensive menu. Chef Express is best described as a 'Grill', they have burgers, steaks, fajitas, seafood and salads, along with mocktails, shakes and juices. There's a number of burgers to try here, I didn't waste much time choosing, I knew I was going to have a couple before finalising a review. So to start with I went pretty standard, I ordered the cheeseburger, which comes with one slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise, I noted there was no mustard or ketchup. I resisted the urge to modify it, this place looks like they know what they are doing, so let's see what their default offering is like. I also ordered a side of 'Crunchy Fries'.

The burger arrived 15 minutes later, standing tall and proud, clearly displaying all layers. The placement of the tomato caught my first inquistive glance, followed by that extremely orange cheese, then I noticed the double mayo, both on the bottom and top buns, this to me is a little concerning, I'm not a huge fan of mayonnaise, it has it's place and can compliment a burger and other sandwich type meals very well, however I use it sparingly, although this didn't seem to be the policy at chef express. The fries did look great, bread crumbed, kinda like little potato stick schnitzels, very crunchy and soft fluffy potatoey stuff inside, served with good ketchup.

Picking up this burger and giving it a gentle squeeze to allow proper entry into the mouth cavity was a good start to the experience, the bun was nice and soft, very fresh and every so slighly warm, as I brought this now shorter version toward me for devouration, the mayonnaise started dripping out the bottom, not a problem at all, glad to lose a little of the white stuff. My fears of fighting a mouth full of white sauce, the taste buds battling that sweet, eggy, creamy filth to get to some burgery goodness were not founded at all, somehow the chef express experts use the double spread of mayonnaise brilliantly, it worked really well with this burger, I have to rave about this as I cannot stand too much of this stuff and here, despite it appearing there's quite a bit, the blend of all the ingredients together is near perfect. I never even thought about the lack of ketchup or mustard. The salad was fresh, lettuce being crunchy and noticable, the tomato was firm and stood its ground, the patty looked to be a perfect round patty, but I'd have to say I don't think it's of the frozen variety, it tasted a little too good, perhaps they use patty shapers, because yes, the beef inside, well let's just say I was glad to have it inside of me. No funny or fancy flavours going on here, just nice beefy goodness supported by great condiments, the pickles doing their fair share of the work too, and the bun just holding it all together nicely. As I went through this burger, bite after bite, I was truly shocked that I like it so much, I'm definitely coming back for a second burger to complete this review.

The second burger I tried for this review was the mushroom burger, this is beef with swiss cheese and mushrooms on the same bun, it's also served with a mushroom sauce, it came on the side, however that may have something to do with the fact I got takeaway. The bun is the same deal and I'm happy to say it was just as nice as the first time, soft and reliable. Similar to the cheeseburger, this mushroom burger has mayonnaise on both the top and bottom of the bun, there's no salad though, you just get grilled onions and mushrooms. Again the beef in the burger was superb, just pure beefy goodness that is not messed with at all, you can hardly taste or see any fat in the patty either. The mushrooms blended well with the swiss cheese, a classic combination that chef express do not stuff up, the addition of the grilled onions is great, adding that something extra. I didn't get much of a mushroom flavour from the sauce though, it was more of a smokey bbq, a very nice smokey bbq but not really detecting the mushroom. The onion rings were very good, big and crunchy, perhaps a little too much batter vs actual onion but still a solid entry and definitely up there, I've had some pretty miserable onion rings, as I'm sure we all have. These also went really well with the sauce.

Overall it was a great burger that lived up to it's name with plenty of grilled mushrooms and an adequate dose of swiss cheese, I wasn't worried at all about the sauce as, despite not tasting of mushroom it was a good sauce and went well with the burger. I will definitely be frequenting Chef Express again and again, not just for burgers but for everything they offer.

Beef - 8.5 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 7.5 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 17.11.2014

Earthshake - Shake Shack - Dubai

As a burgermeister I'd heard of the famous shack, with the best hamburgers ever claims etc. Theres countless stories and blogs about how amazing these burgers are and even the ridiculous claims of the them being life changing. The lines outside some of the stores to have one are stories unto themselves. And yes, like everything else, of course they are in Dubai, minus the horrendous queues. So trying shake shack was a no brainer, off we went. After being greeted at the door and taken through the menu I still took my time to look over the menu covered wall, wondering what to order.

At this point I had to reassure myself that this place wasn't going to run away, and I didn't need to order everything at once. So after three visits, the following has been consumed, a shack burger, a double cheeseburger, a shroom burger and a special double burger. This was done in order to give you, the reader a better overall picture of the shake shack burger dining experience. Please note, the shroom burger has been consumed via 3rd party. After eating the three beef burger variants it's hard to say there's a huge difference between them, they all require you to be sitting, preferably fasten to your seat, because believe me, unless you are, you will fall down the second this bit of heaven registers through your taste buds to the brain, it's a complete orgasmic overload.

The sensory confusion going on here is unlike anything I've ever experienced whilst consuming a burger. Let's start with the bun. The soft, squishy, yet structurally sound piece of baked dough has a mysterious yellow tinge to it, the bun is ever so sweet, I usually cannot stand sweetness in a bun when it's meant for a burger or sandwich but it's so subtle here that while you can sense it, it doesn't distract or detract, and it's toasted ever so slightly with a delicate layer of shack sauce spread over the golden surface. The best buns I've had on a burger by a country mile. I had to find out more about them, after a visit to the local library and pouring through old newspaper records on the microfiche and going through volumes of the encyclopaedia Brittanica and coming up with nothing, I thought I might try and Google it.... potato rolls huh? Going to need more research.

The texture of the patty is a whole nother story, the surface has this crust, like that crunchy bit of cheese you get sometimes on the outside of a pizza or a toasted cheese sandwich, of course made of beef, I guess this is achieved by letting the patty sear well onto the cooking surface, requiring you to scrap it off using a sharp spatula with a swift, fast motion, something I've done before, totally by accident and not nearly as well. Past this crunchy wonderland is the outrageously flavourful beef. It's so good I've had to read about it, there's a few theories out there but one that appears to be popular is the 50:25:25 mix of sirloin, chuck and brisket. It's just so beefy, there's no messing about here with spices or extra seasonings, I don't think anyway, it's just pure beef deliciousness, obviously the blend of different cow cuts lends way to that unique shack taste. That leaves us with the sauces and cheese, the only sauce the shack will entertain putting on your burger is shack sauce, however, as much mustard and ketchup you desire is available at a dispensary station. They are of course completely unnecessary for these burgers, the squishy bun, juiciness of the beef combined with the gooey factory triple processed cheese and mayo-ee ketchup with a hint of mustard sauce are a 91 perfect combination. On a side note, the Shroom burger was reported as 'OK' nothing that fancy, apparently the love is shown only to the beef burgers here, fair enough if you ask me.

In summary, is this the best burger I've ever had... yes it was, did it change my life, yeah it did, how could you not expect it to for someone that takes burgers so seriously? Has it ruined all other burgers for me? No. It certainly has not, infact, in a kind of ironic way it has made me appreciate other burgers, other good burgers. See, shake shack make an incredible burger that is like having a supanova in your mouth (in a good way), but its uniquely a shake shack experience and taste. A well made classic burger with pure beef mince, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions with ketchup and mustard on a reasonable bun is still pretty awesome too, it's just different awesome. The hunt goes on!

Beef - 10 | Bun - 10 | Cheese - 9 | Sauces - 9 | Salad - 9 | Overall - 9.5

Posted 02.11.2014

Fudd That - Fuddruckers - Dubai *** Read about Fuddruckers Cairo! they are much better!!***

World's greatest hamburgers. That's a pretty HUGE claim to make, especially to me. I'm not going to draw this one out, I don't have the patience to write up a nice little story about Fuddruckers, they're not worth it, mainly because they were not the world's greatest hamburgers, they were not even close, they weren't even the greatest hamburgers within a 5km radius.

A disappointment. That's the best way to sum this one up, I mean if the sign said World's most OK burger, I wouldn't feel so disappointed. They just set themselves up for a fall, a big one, and they fell. The burger was mediocre, the beef seemed quite factory like, no slapping a ball of fresh mince onto the grill and flattening it out with a spatula for these fellas. Also the burger comes to you with just cheese, meat and the bun, you put on the sauces you like and from a pretty big salad bar you choose what you want on your burger and assemble yourself.

It's not that bad an idea to be honest, it's just that I was so let down by a number of things, the service was very slow despite the place being next to empty, the staff seemed more concerned with discussing each others nail polish than with attending to the very few customers, and primarily, the beef was just ordinary. It seemed like a large fat cheeseburger pattie from McDonalds, no flavour. Even the mixed entree plate was boring with standard run of the mill fare, nothing stood out, apart from the blandness. I won't be frequenting again, way too many other better burgers to be had and even more equally mediocre burgers with faster service.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 5 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 6 | Salad - 7 | Overall - 5

Posted 14.10.2014

Elevated Beef - Elevation Burger - Dubai

Organic Beef on a burger 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round, even for delivery?! Yes it's possible with the people that bring you the elevated burger. My first experience with elevation burger was during lunch, eat in, after seeing the store from the road many times my anticipation grew more each time I passed it. Upon walking in, that familar bright, happy fast foodie vibe hits you, young vibrant staff, big smiles and loud greetings, and the claims to using certified US organic beef, to me that's worrying, a fast food joint using organic beef doesn't sit well with me, anyway onto the menu.

Burger choices are definitely not high on the priority for Elevation burger, they've basically got an organic beef burger that has 2 patties and cheese slices mystifyingly the next burger is the cheeseburger which is exactly the same but with one less pattie and only one slice of cheese, then there's the vertigo burger which starts at 3 patties but can go up to 10. To me this menu makes no sense, it's basically the same burger with extra patties and cheese, which are priced extras anyway... There's also a kids burger thats just has a beef pattie, now I can't speak for kids but I'd imagine if I got a 'kids' burger only to realise it was exactly the same as the other burgers just minus the cheese I'd be pretty peeved I missed out on the cheese, one could even argue the kids burger should have cheese for the calcium! (Not that I'm expecting an abundance of it here), we move onto the vegetarian offering, and next is a 'half the guilt' burger, which is 1 beef pattie and 1 veg pattie, on the same friggin burger, first the name makes no sense, one beef pattie would be half the guilt, not loading a breaded deep fried mush of veges on top of the beef, second, well it just sounds disgusting, finally we have a grilled cheese sandwich, then comes the usual fries, drinks and shakes, some of which are proudly made with REAL stuff. No onion rings, no chicken burger, as I see it, one beef burger, one veg burger and a cheese sandwich, all customisable with optional toppings. I opted for the default elevation burger with additional toppings of lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. When the burgers arrived I must say, the problems I had with the menu went straight out the window, this burger looked awesome, the bun had a slight glisten to it, the patties looked moist and kinda fresh!? The lettuce and tomato were not wilted, soggy or used merely for decoration, this was all wrapped up in paper to allow for mess free eating.

I never thought I'd have a feeling of farm freshness biting into a fast food burger, but I did, it wasn't the greasiest, most decadent flavour packed burger I've ever had, no, it was fresh, tasty and morish, the right proportions of meat to cheese to sauce to onion without the lettuce and tomato interfering. I loved this burger, I'd have to say amongst my favourite fast food burgers, and my fast food organic fears? Gone... At least for this place. The fries were standard frozen shoestring fries that did their job reasonably enough. As mentioned earlier, elevation burger delivers, any time, and one night after a rather long night out, in a pretty intoxicated state I ordered delivery, not something I'd usually do, particularly sober, burgers do not travel well, especially with sauces and tomato slices, but I must say, for a delivered burger at 4am in the morning, I can remember feelings of content and satisfaction, one could argue that's just coz of my state, but that's the point, are you really going to order a burger delivery at 4am in any other state?

Beef - 9 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 7 | Overall - 8

Posted 14.10.2014

Beef Mascot - Mascot Charcoal Chickens

Located on Botany Road in the heart of Mascot, and nestled in competition central, with heaps of cafes, other chicken shops, great kebabs and turkish pide places, this place, like the others, have a battle on their hands. Apart from the standard fare from a chicken shop, salads, fried goodies and of course chickens, these guys do yeeros and burgers. The yeeros is make out of the charcoal chicken so I'm keen to try that, however on this occassion I couldn't help but be drawn to the burgers. Mascot Charcoal Chickens, are apparently known for their burgers, and they have a few to choose from, the mediterranean, the works, new yorker and the standard. I had to try the new yorker, with mustard and pickles how can you resist?! After a normal wait, the burger was ready, it smelt fanstastic, and the hot chips are laced perfectly with chicken salt and very crunchy, they must be double fried.

The burger itself is quite a large one, and the pattie is large too, not being dwarfed by the bun, the sauces dripping off the side, the grilled onions, and site of the pickles, all of this make this a beautiful burger to behold. I was glad to be seated when I first bit into the burger, my knees trembled and I seemed to lose general muscular strength as my mind was trying to process the incredible deliciousness of what my tongue was in the midst of. As you take more bites, you notice how consistent the burger is, every bite is equally delicious as the last and as you near the end you find yourself feeling weirdly empty and sad that this magnificent journey is about to end, as large as it seemed it was over all to quickly. This truly is an outrageously tasty burger. The meat is grilled perfectly and spiced a little too, it's not hot, its just flavoursome, the salad is fresh and crunchy, the onions compliment the meat perfectly, the mustard and tomato sauce combo is divine, all this combined with the cheese makes this a very difficult burger to beat in the taste department.

This is definitely being added to my regular lunch run schedule. My one issue with the burger was the structural integrity, the base of the burger was starting to break apart, not being able to handle the quanity of ingredients, however it wasn't too bad, and certainly did not ruin my experience, I've had way worse, and thinking about it, I would much rather they stick with this bun than go for a harder tougher one that could compromise the overall taste.

Beef - 9 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 8 | Sauces - 8 | Salad - 8 | Overall - 8.5

Posted 01.09.2013

Burger from the Garden of East - Quince - Shop 347 Westfield Eastgardens

It's been over five years since I've reviewed a burger. The problem started soon after my last review in mid 2008. Years of food reviews started to take it's toll... my fingers became to fat to type on a keyboard. But I've fixed that, after years of painstaking hard work I have finally found a HUGE keyboard to allow me to keep typing and keep eating!! Anyway to the review, I've recently started working near Eastgardens again, and while the food court there is reasonable, there's also a good selection of cafes, Quince being unquestionably my favourite. By far, this is the BEST burger in Eastgardens, interestingly a couple of things have changed since I first got one to when these pics where taken. They've changed the chips from the shoestring style to these chunky double fried ones, both are delicious in my opinion so I'm happy, also the bun seems to keep changing, I guess that's coz it's hard to source exactly the same bun when you're only buying a small quantity.

Apart from these small changes this beef burger is superb, the meat is sensationally spiced, I have no idea what with, but it's definitely more than salt and pepper, it's almost like a kafta style pattie, but it's not, it's more subtle. The cheese is always melted to perfection, the salad doesn't get in the way but also doesn't feel like it's just there to be there, and the sauces, oh the sauces, the combo of the slightly tangy tomato based sauce with the mayo is like having a circus in your mouth, one with no scary clowns though. You may notice there are no pics of the burger half eaten, don't worry though thats not some stupid new policy of not being disgusting or being too embarrassed to take pictures of half eaten food in front of other people, no, instead it happened purely by chance, and further strengthens my case here for this burger being incredible, I simply couldn't put it down, once I was eating it, I didn't care about anything else, well maybe one thing, but to think to take a picture? No chance... I forgot I even had my camera.

Overall I absolutely love this burger, I'm grading it .5 of a point lower than OLE's beef burger due to consistency issues, Slav also reckons that the quality of the burger you get depends on who's behind the grill, which you can see quite easily through large glass windows. Although I've never had a problem with that, I just want the sesame seed bun! Pictured above are two of the chicken burgers they have as well, one is grilled chicken, the other is southern fried, both are excellent. This cafe does awesome food, so if you find yourself at Eastgardens and for some crazy inexplicable reason you don't want a beef burger you got plenty of other tasty options here!


Beef - 9 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 8 | Salad - 7 | Overall - 8.5

Posted 25.08.2013

Charcoal at the Bra - Maroubra Charcoal Chicken

After a painfully long wait at Maroubra RTA for business that took less than 3 minutes to complete once at the counter I had worked up a big apetite. As I walked out on the footpath I saw the Charcoal Chicken... perfect, there'd be something in there to squash the hunger. About 5 minutes later I walked out with a burger, I was salivating with hunger now, luckily I'm close to home and camera.

Looking at the burger now it's a totally different story to what I remembered when I first looked at it, remember, I was starving. I can see now the bun was ripped, the insides were nearly on the outsides and well it just looked a mess.

As soon as I took the first bite from this burger all I tasted was tomato. I obvioulsy bit into the side of the burger that had tomato, which shouldn't really be a problem, but with this burger, the tomato slices are over a centimetre thick, adding to the slopiness, the lettuce was lifeless and tired and there wasn't enough onions or sauce. Somehow they managed to hide even the beetroot flavour, when I was standing in the store waiting for the burger, I noticed a can of No Frills Beetroots, perhaps that has something to do with it. The only thing that was decent about this burger was the cheese, it was melted wonderfully with pattie, at least on one side, oh and I should mention that the pattie was made from a ball of mince rather than a premade one tossed on the grill, still, it wasn't enough to make this a 'go backer'.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 4 | Sauces - 2 | Salad - 3 | Overall - 5

Posted 06.05.2008

Best Kebabs in Sydney - Sefton Burgers

While I was getting the new wheels drilled for the 242 a couple of weeks back at AGR, I thought I'd go grab a spot of lunch, the fellas at AGR told me the best kebabs in Sydney are just up the road. Bewdiful, one for the site I thought. Upon arriving, I saw the picture of the juicy succulent burger they had, and suddenly my craving for a kebab pretty much just disappeared and was replaced by one for a big fat juicy burger. I ordered a beef one with cheese. I sat outside, admiring the sights of Sefton, looking at my strange fruit flavoured soda and wondering how long my wheels would take. Just as I started to wonder about my burger it arrived.

As you can see, it didn't look to bad at all, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving. The first thing I noticed was just how thin the pattie was, the second thing I noticed was the cheese was missing and the third thing I noticed was that the makers of the 'best kebab in Sydney' had no idea when it came to a burger. I can't be stuffed writing anymore about this non-event, a very ordinary experience that will not be had again, infact it was so uninteresting I don't think I'll bother going back to try the kebab.

Beef - 3 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 0 | Sauces - 3 | Salad - 4 | Overall - 2.5

Posted 21.02.2008

Prague's Best Burger - Restaurace Jáma - Praha 1 - Czech Republic

Jama is a pretty typical chillis type joint, offering steaks, burgers, and tex mex fare with good 'ol ice cold Czech beers. After googling around a little bit I found it on a few sites with the rather huge claim of 'Prague's Best Burger'. Had to check this out.

The burger arrived kinda open, and had everything on the side, even the sauce, given the comfortable seating and big tables this wasn't a problem at all, infact it was preferable, I could put on alot of lettuce or none, I opted for the latter. The cheese was the exception to this, it came melted and wrapped around the pattie, which was excellent, it was like a big meat and cheddar ball. The meat pattie was also the thickiest I have ever had.

I loved the grilled onions, there was a heap of them and the sliced fried potatoes were also delicious. The bun was great too, like a crusty type bread bun that was toasted really well, standing upright this was one really tall burger. I don't know how the salad went along with it as I didn't touch it, the burger was very filling with the potato sides. The beef was a tad dry but moister than you would expect when you see the thickness of the pattie, the mustard was a great addition, melded with the onions, cheese and beef it was a sensation meal that will be had again next time I'm in old Prague town!

Beef - 7 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 7 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - n/a | Overall - 8

Posted 03.09.2007

Mexican Czech Maccas - Czech Republic McDonalds

Having been to the Czech Republic a few times now I think it's time to start adding some food adventures from my travels there. Usually the first meal we have when I arrive is Macca's, we're tired, lazy and I just wanna go unpack and settle in, that and I love the white paper takeaway bag, reminds me of Maccas down here when I was younger. OK, enough justification, anyway I was pleased to see that the McDonalds there had a promotional burger, it was part of a bigger promo called 'Fiesta Mexicana'. I thought i'd try the McRoyal Jalapeno which looked like a McOZ with no beetroot but with bacon, jalapenos and hot salsa.

I ordered one, minus the bacon, along with Chillitos instead of chips, also part of the promotion, they were like deep fried cheese with chilli. As usual upon opening the burger box it looked nothing like the promo shot, nearly qualifying for a farce write up, anyway starving and tired I tucked right in, and was pleasantly surprised, this burger was pretty tasty, I loved the salsa, although it was more tangy than hot, and the pattie was of quite a reasonable standard for a McDonalds burger.

Happy with how the burger was going so far I thought I'd try the Chillitos, after biting into one, I had to wait a few seconds for the oil to subside, I could then taste the mild warmth fromt he chilli, the cheese or whatever it was was quite disgusting and had the texture of off cream. After finishing one, I quickly returned to my burger, at which point I got a jalapeno in the next bite, I really like this burger.

I don't quite see what's so Mexican about the McRoyal Jalapeno, but either way it was quite nice, I guess that's where McDonalds always have the advantage, my expectation of their burgers is so low that getting one that isn't just medicore is a nice surprise. If I had one complaint I'd say the burger needed more jalapenos.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 3 | Overall - 6

Posted 22.08.2007

Turkey Bacon - Singapore Burger King

I love Singapore, and I love the airport alot too. You almost want to be stuck in transit at Changi. On my latest trip I found myself starting my holidays with a solid 6 hour stay here. After a few purchases I headed up to the standard issue Burger King. Despite being hassled by pig to try something else, I was going to go for my usual Swiss cheese and mushroom double cheeseburger, however as I stood there, looking at the menu, I could hear pig in my head, telling me how important it was for me to try a different burger here, after all I had the mushroom one many times, and it's already here in the review, and this turkey bacon, well I don't know where else you would find it, so I took the plunge and got the double cheeseburger with turkey bacon and a side order of cheese chicken sticks. I found a quiet little corner in the 'dining' room and prepeared for the test. Looking at the burger it seemed a fairly ordinary double cheeseburger with some really dry bacon, almost looked like beef jerky. Under the hood we can clearly see just how dry and stiff this turkey bacon looked, the meat pattie didn't look that great either and I'm not a fan bbq sauce on burgers with only meat and cheese, anyway gotta eat this thing I suppose.

The first thing I thought when I bit into this was how much better the swiss cheese and mushrooms would be. The burger definitely did have a smokey flavour to it, the bbq sauce wasn't too bad, the cheese was standard and the meat was reasonable, but the turkey bacon, it really did have the texture and feel of jerky, it was hard, dry and chewy. I immediately got stuck into another bite in a desperate attempt to moisten my mouth, I had no drink you see, this of course intensified the smokiness, which wasn't a bad thing, but also increased the amount of these rubbery thin dry turkey strips, after eventually swallowing I decided that I wanted to try and enjoy the rest of the burger, so after stripping out the remaining turkey bacon, I added some tomato sauce and finised it off. The chicken cheese sticks were a different story all together, an excellent combination of chicken, cheese and crumbs, deep fried, it makes a great snack, I only wish I had more of them, it was a welcome change from the turkey bacon thats for sure, the chicken, while probably not being breast, was still fairly consistent throught the stick, very meaty, no hard bits, and no bits of the stick without chicken. The cheese is ever so delicately added to the chicken and is not overpowering at all, infact if it wasn't called chicken cheese sticks I think most people wouldn't have even known cheese was involved at all.

Overall I'd say, without a doubt, stick with the swiss cheese and mushrooms double cheese burger, particularly if you're a bacon fan as this will definitely disappoint you. I should point out that they have 'normal' bacon on the whoppers, it just this one, for some strange reason, features turkey bacon, and pretty bad turkey bacon at that.

Beef - 4 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 4 | Sauces -6 | Salad - n/a | Overall - 4.5

Posted 22.08.2007

Goodalicious - Burgerlicious - Shop 3/130 Liverpool St Sydney (02) 9264 4446

I've been waiting to try this place for a while now, so DC and I decided we'd go and take 'em for a test drive. The store was alot like burger edge, bright, open, with little seats. We went at lunch time and the place was quite full, we walked up to the counter and the over zealous order taker girl was very keen to get our orders, I however was far from ready, still absorbing the vast menu. I noticed, that like burger edge, Burgerlicious lets you have you burger 'bunless' which means it'll be served with rice or salad, or you can have any burger in wrap, this is of course for those on low carb diets. Obviously we chose buns and I went for the standard burger which came with tomato sauce, instead of asking for bbq, like I usually do, I thought I might try this burger the way it's meant to be served. DC went for something else, which looked similar however came with egg and bacon, so I guess it didn't look that similar after all. You also get the option of salad or chips OR half salad and half chips which is pretty cool, so you can have a few chips and get a bit of salad into you as well.

We ordered and sat down, read the many papers around and rated the people walking past the window, as you do. A few short minutes later our burgers arrived, they bring them to you which I thought was quite good. The presentation of these burgers was great, they looked very tall, the meat had that just off the grill glisten to it. The chip and salad combo is a great idea, however the salad didn't look terribly exciting, there wasn't even any dressing on it, just a few bits of lettuce, a tomato, one seeded black olive and tomato.

After removing the toothpick from the center of the burger we started eating, and we were impressed. They tasted great, a lighter, fresher taste, and the meat, despite look like normal mince had a great flavour, the tomato sauce was a good option for this burger, it complimented the meat very well. The bun was also really good, soft and fresh and easily squashable, that's a must here as the burger arrives very tall. Even the lack of beetroot wasn't missed, the grilled onions were plentiful and tasty and the pickles were also fantastic, thick and juicy. The one complaint I do have was the pattie size, while it wasn't the smallest pattie I've had, it was no where near the largest, there was at least one and bit bites without any burger. However apart from that this was a very satisfying experience, I'll definitely be back.

Beef - 6 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 4 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 6.5

Posted 21.06.2007

Half a Pound - McDonalds


Yes another burger from McDonalds. I know what you're thinking but the fact of the matter is they are the worlds largest hamburger chain, and by far the most eaten, so I think its justified. The double Quarter pounder, I dunno why they don't call this the half pounder, whatever it is, this is a gem and a must after a big night when there are no kebabs in sight, it's also very easy to get the cabbie to go into the drive thru on the way home. The double quarter pounder is the same as the single apart from two meat patties and an extra slice of cheese, this heart stopping meat and cheese mountain is surprisingly juicy, when you bite into this you can see the fat dripping, and the way the three slices of cheese melt and fuse the meat and bun together is superbly gross.

The triple extra processed cheese shines, bringing out the little flavour in the meat there is, and even though the sauce, onions and pickles are the same as what's delivered on the regular quarter pounder it's strangely enough, I suspect this has something to do with the oodles of fat leaking out of this burger. I'd definitely recommend the double quarter pound on those nights your coming home late in a taxi, there's enough beef and cheese to soak up half a bar of piss, and you can't help but feel dirty when you're ho'ing into this thing, so it's better to be intoxicated when doing so. Sometimes, the morning after you can't even remember you had one, and that's the way I like it!

Beef - 4 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 3 | Salad - n/a | Overall - 5

Posted 19.06.2007

Dingo Burger - Chamberlain Hotel - Cnr Pitt & Campbell St Sydney (02) 9288 0888

First I have to apologise for the quality of the pictures here, I took these with my Nokia N73, and despite it having a Carl Zeiss lens it takes crap pics, but that's another story. I quite like the Chamberlain hotel, it's laid out real nice and got comfy square cushions to sit on at the long tables, the bar is great and the place just feels real cosy, particularly on a cold winters day. When I saw the beef burger on the menu, it's was obvious to me and the people I was with what I was eating, after ordering and grabbing a beer we sat down to a bit of catch up conversation, however this was surprisingly cut short by the speed of the service, before we knew it our burgers and other meals arrived.

The burger arrived open, and a good thing that was too, with the size of the pattie I think this may have been confused as a salad roll rather than a beef burger. We definitely have a new winner for the smallest pattie on a burger. I rarely eat my burgers open, so I closed it up and started eating. Holding the massive slices of turkish bread with no meat visible on any side was a little disappointing, however this was short live, I must say, the bites I got with meat were actually very good, the pattie was cooked perfectly, sitting on melting tasty cheese, topped with grilled onions and bbq sauce was awesome and I loved the horizontal sliced pickles, together with beetroot, tomato, cucumber and lettuce this burger could hold it's own against any burger line up, it's just the pattie size that lets it down. Unfortunately I have to say, that due to the tiny size of the pattie, and believe me, it's tiny, I don't think i'll go this burger again, it's just not worth it, I'd rather the chicken schnitzel.

Beef - 6 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 6 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 5.5

Posted 18.06.2007

On the Edge - Burger Edge - 40 Perouse Road Randwick (02) 9398 9600

Wanting to try something from the Sydney Gourmet Burger chain, I find this shop had changed to 'Burger Edge', I wasn't disappointed, after all it was still a burger place. On a rainy Saturday afternoon, after some shopping a burger is what everyone needs, but this place was conspiciously empty, with only two other people in the store. The place looked bright and fresh, with the grill and preperation area in clear view, this was good.I scanned the menu quickly and went for the closest thing to the rest of the burgers in the review, which was the 'Feel the Cheese' number with BBQ sauce instead of tomato. I was asked to pick a type of bread and chose the white floury one, I can't remember the name. I should mention quickly here that they gave me wholemeal bun instead, so that exercise was totally pointless. After placing the order and paying the $14.00 it cost for the burger, chips and a drink I sat waiting and reading one of the many magazines. Fifteen mintues had pasted and I was really starting to wonder what on earth was going on, there was four staff and 3 customers in the store, including myself and for some reason I hadn't got my Lots of Lettuce food yet, as I was about to stand up to query the progress of my order the young chap came and handed me a bag. Perhaps the time to cook means the size of the pattie would be big!

When I unwrapped the burger it was lettuce and onion all round, I couldn't see any meat from any angle and was wondering where the meat was, there goes the theory on the time to cook being relative to meat pattie size. After sinking my teeth in for the first bite, an overpowering taste hit my entire mouth, it's hard to say what it was, but I think it was the spanish onions, it was unlike any taste I've had before from a burger, it didn't taste bad or anything, just different, it could have been something in the meat because, despite not being able to see any meat, I did get some in my first bite. The burger pattie was a reasonable size, and certainly looked like it was premade pattie shape, there's no throwing a ball of mince onto the grill here and letting the spatula sort it out. The meat in the pattie looked very lean, there was no visible fat and it actually tasted lean too, which isn't always the best thing when it comes to beef, if you're going to do your best to make the beef as lean as possible it's always a good idea to spice it up with herbs or something, which, as far as I could tell, is not done here. The wholemeal bun that I had was very nice, it seemed very fresh, was not overly tall, did not get in the way of any flavour, and did its job of holding the meal together very well. This burger has pickles on it, but I couldn't taste them at all, even when I could see them coming in the next bite, they simply were tasteless, it was quite weird, this might be a good thing for those that don't like pickles but sucks when you see the burger has pickles but can't taste em! Another thing that was annoying was the cheese, it's supposed to have two slices of cheese, it's even called, Feel the Cheese, but I couldn't taste the cheese much, only in the last couple of bites, did I get it, I think the perhaps there was too much salad interfering and the BBQ sauce on either side of the bun perhaps had something to do with it, however even that sauce wasn't enough I felt. The rest of the salad was good, but would have been better with beetroot, you could really taste the salad, in fact I would more call this a salad roll with meat, than a burger, bit disappointing when you see the prices, to get a burger with chips and a drink you're looking to pay between $11.00 to $17.00!

I reckon this burger was OK, the main problem is that it's trying to be too healthy, I know when I'm going for a burger, I'm not exactly going for anything particularly healthy, a burger is a treat, that I want to enjoy in all it's fatty, saucy, cheesy goodness, but I find that from burger edge, they seem to be missing that edge. The pattie needs more flavour, if not from fat from herbs or spice, there needs more sauce and I think they should change the cheese used, it had neglible impact even with two slices. The chips were a hybrid of wedges and french fries and tasted great, however had too much 'sea salt' perhaps I should have gone for one of the many other seasonings they offer. Being on the healthier side of the burger scale you can have your burger ingredients on a wrap or even without any bread at all just served on salad! However I must say I don't really recommend these burgers, they lack that general hamburger flavour, if you do want a healthy burger this is the place to go for, but expect it to taste healthy too.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 4 | Sauces - 4 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 5

Posted 10.06.2007

Maccadonian - mLeko Bar - Shop 10 World Square (02) 9267 3636 - Sydney CBD

Hidden away around the rear of the World Square complex, although right in front of the lifts to Austereo, the home of 2Day FM and 2MMM FM is a cafe that is so much more. mLeko, open for breakfast and lunch serves up everything from coffee to burek to hundreds of people a day. Some of the food from mLeko has a macedonian influence, and is delicious, I could go on for pages about the different foods and flavours offered here, but we're here for the hunt, so let's start. It took a while to get my burger, it was a rainy and very windy Friday lunchtime and they were extremely busy, so I was expecting a little wait.

When I took the mLeko burger out of the brown sandwich bag, the first thing that popped in my head was how neat this burger looked, it was clean looking with nothing hanging out, no sauce going anywhere, almost looked like a model of a burger. The bun that's featured with the mLeko burger is a Bursting with country freshness!sour dough one and it looked great, nice and fresh and I don't think it was toasted, the cheese was a slice of tasty that was slightly melted on to the pattie, the lettuce was fresh, not shredded, and the tomato slices were big and juicy. After swallowing the first bite, I didn't want to do anything but take another few bites before Quality Mincethinking about anything. The meat in this burger is it's real weapon, it is sensational. It almost looks like kafta meat, but had a different flavour, partly of course due to this being beef! The pattie coverage was reasonable, I'd say one bite is all you'd have without a bit of meat.

It's not very often you get a burger were the dominant flavour is the meat, its usually the sauce and/or cheese mixing with the meat that produces a Great Chips!(hopefully) great taste. I didn't feel this was the case with the mLeko burger, I reckon the pattie could be eaten on it's own, it tasted so good, the salad and cheese complimented the meat well though, however I do feel that BBQ sauce on this burger kind of detracts from the flavour of the meat, next time I would get a chilli or one of the many other spreads they offer instead of the BBQ. The burger also tasted quite lean, and you could see by looking at the pattie there wasn't much fat in this meat at all, or didn't seem to be. The chips, although interestingly served inside a coffee cup that's in a brown paper bag are incredible, cooked very well having a crunchy outside with a soft hot inside.

Beef - 8 | Bun - 7 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 6 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 08.06.2007

Beef from the Chambers - Chambers Takeaway - Chambers Food Hall - Sydney CBD

The first entry into the food reviews from the frequently visit Chambers As it arrivedArcade makes it's debut here at the Hamburger Hunt. Situated as you get off the escalators from Pitt St. this sandwich takeaway shop offers so much more, gourmet beef, chicken and Schnitzel burgers, soups, pastas, breakfast items and a huge array of different sandwiches, they also have ample seating both in the store and in the common area shared by other outlets in the food hall.

A few of us went to lunch here, but only myself and V2daP had burgers, he had one with egg, however mine was a standard one with cheese and bbq sauce like every other burger here. The burger arrived at the table quite quickly, it was cut into V2daP's Burger with Egg!halves, I do prefer my burgers not cut into two, however I Wasn't about to send it back based on this. The first thing that I noticed was this burger was alot flatter than most, that is got to do with the bun these guys use, its a typical sandwich shop seasme seed flat bun, I quite like these in sandwiches so I thought it'd be interesting to try on a burger.

Upon seeing this burger I really thought I was in for a great 5 - 10 minutes, it looked great, tonnes of grilled onion, sauce oozing out and just a generally good grilled feeling about it. The chips looked fresh and big, and the whole plate smelt of meaty goodness. When V2daP's arrived it looked even better with the big egg, and his wasn't cut into two, obviously due to the egg, which struck me as strange, they cut the smaller burger into two but not the bigger one. A Clean CutLooks can be deceiving though, and from the first bite through to the last, I felt something was missing from it, just didn't have that oomph. The burger wasn't a particularly bad one, but nothing at all was special, I also felt the meat was a tad overcooked, perhaps this had something to do with the rather bland flavour, I couldn't taste the grilled onions, even though they are quite clearly there, the BBQ sauce was plentiful and I guess helped things a little, as did the beetroot, however this was yet another burger where the cheese seemed to hide, both visually and in taste. A Couple of Bites inUnfortunately the chips were unable to save the day, despite looking good, they were rather soft and I think could have done with a bit longer in the deep fryer, the chicken salt used was either insufficient or just poor quality, at least they were consistent with the burger, lacking that is. V didn't say too much about this burger but I think he was reasonably happy with it, maybe the egg makes all the difference, however With Nessie's grill not three minutes walk away, this burger is unlikely to be had again by myself.

Beef - 4 | Bun - 5 | Cheese - 4 | Sauces - 5 | Salad - 5 | Overall - 5

Posted 04.06.2007

Pathetic Petes - Peter's Hamburger Shop - Todman Avenue Kensington 2033

Peter's Hamburger shop in Kensington is supposed to be 'famous' for it's burgers, I'm not too sure how famous, but at least known in the area, because of this I thought it was a must to review their offering. My first attempt to get a burger was approximately 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, however I was told that the 'kitchen' is closed, apparently it closes at 12pm, the guy behind the counter, when asked, told me that the next time I could get one was Sunday before 12pm, I guess these guys are under the impression a Hamburger is some sort of breakfast item. Ordinarily I don't think I would have been bothered to go back, but due to the special circumstances here, that being the Hamburger Hunt, I did, the next day, at 11am. Immediately I was recognised and he preempted my request asking me 'Hamburger?' to which I nodded. When asked if I wanted extras I replied requesting cheese and BBQ sauce. He started putting all the ingredients onto a plate to take to the back, I noticed a large amount of shredded lettuce sitting in a container of water, and after getting a slice of cheese he got out the tongs, dipped them into the water and pulled out some dripping wet lettuce, after a moments drain time onto the plate they went, he then got out from under the table a small stainless steel container that had cling wrap covering about 2/3 of a tomato and half a spanish onion, he cut 2 slices of tomato off it, and some onion and placed it onto the plate, I'm not exactly impressed so far.

My request for hot chips was declined with 'Sorry we don't do chips today', not entirely sure what that meant I just accepted it, perhaps its got something to do with the sabbath, I dunno. Five or so minutes had past and the burger was ready, after paying $4.50 I headed off. Upon unwrapping the burger I noticed it looked alot like the one from the Supa Centre, but much fresher, in terms of recently cooked. The first bite had me thinking one thing, onions. It was by far the dominant taste, which is different for a hamburger I reckon. As I progressed through the burger I couldn't help but notice the greasy feeling ever increasing in my mouth, bite after bite I was further convincing myself that this was one of the worst milk bar burgers I have ever eaten, the bun was the standard tip top hamburger bun that had been buttered so heavily it was seeping more than half way through the crown, the cheese, although melted well into the bun and meat, was none existent as far as taste goes, and I'm not sure he understood me when I asked for BBQ sauce as I could taste none at all, not a drop, nor can you see any in the pictures, this made the burger quite dry, the only thing that wasn't dry was the fat and oil on the burger, each bite unleashed another Half Eatendose of fats from the pattie and bun being injected onto your tongue, which was tolerable while eating and drinking but the after taste truly is disgusting.

It's totally bewildering that a shop calls itself a 'Hamburger Shop' and yet produces such a terribly boring burger that is lacking in size, quality, and taste, it also doesn't even have a slice of beetroot on it, and has such strange time restrictions on ordering it. The only thing this burger excels in is old, fatty ingredients made in a lack luster way. This is certainly one burger to avoid.

Beef - 3 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 3 | Sauces - 0 | Salad - 3 | Overall - 2

Posted 03.06.2007

24/7 Burger Stop - OzTurk - 704 George St Sydney 2000 (02) 9280 1310

Ozturk is a 24 hour takeaway food place offering pizzas, kebabs, burgers and more, hence it will feature in a couple of the other food categories in due time. These guys are no specialists when it comes to burgers, its just another offering on the seemingly endless fast food menu choices. As usual cheese is extra, and it's that processed, pale yellow type. There's also nothing special about the pattie, its just your typical over the counter beef mince that's flatten out on the grill into a pattie shape. It's an average size pattie for a takeaway joint and I was glad to see the onions grilling along side it on the hot plate as I leaned over to check on the progress of my lunch.

Lettuce, a big thick slice of fresh tomato and a slice of beetroot are all standard trimmings on this number, and the burger patties makes it's appearance from all viewing angles, meaning of course, there is no biting into this burger without getting meat, nice. I did like the way this pattie was cooked, something about it was different, I think perhaps certain outer parts of the pattie were infact slightly crunchy, don't get me wrong, this pattie was not overcooked or burnt, just some extremities of it had a nice harder texture to them, whatever it is I liked it. Another big win for this burger is the price, getting change back from a fiver for a burger these days is a rare thing, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Beef - 5 | Bun - 5 | Cheese - 4 | Sauces - 5 | Salad - 6 | Overall - 6

Posted 28.05.2007

World Square - Nessie's Grill - World Square Food Court - Sydney CBD

Another beautiful hamburger makes it's debut for the reviews. Nessie's Grill, situated in 'Liverpool Lane' which is the name of the food court for the World Square complex in Sydney CBD. With a speciality salad shop and a kebab/turkish pide place closing down over the last couple of months it's unknown how well other establishments are doing in the food court, Nessie's maximises his time by opening for lunch and dinner and has recently started delivering through a food delivery service. Ok, onto the burger. The Burger from Nessie's is a classic Beef Burger with a thick juicy pattie, soft seasme seeded bun, fresh lettuce and tomato and a slice of cheese (extra). They must use a pattie making machine because the beef pattie is almost perfectly round every time, with the same thickness and consistency, not a bad idea but does make the burger look more manufactured. Thousand island dressing is used as the main sauce for this burger, if you want BBQ or tomato instead/also you need to ask for it, there's no extra charge though.

The pattie, unfortunately, doesn't make it all way around the burger, there's at least two bites that have no meat in them, despite this though, as you can see from the pics, the pattie is quite thick, thicker than your usual pattie from 'classic' burger, so this kinda makes up for this I guess. Staying on the meat, the pattie is basted in some marinade while it's being grilled in front of you, and also, the onions seem to be in the mince, which is interesting and brings somewhat a dilemma for those that don't have onions on their burgers. I love the flavour of this burger, don't mistake my earlier comment about the manufactured style pattie making it a flavourless McDonald's style meat circle, no, the beef here really tastes great, and the sauce combination of thousand island and bbq works really well, the cheese is real cheddar cheese as opposed to heavily processed pale white slices of cheese used by many milk bars and is melted well into the crown of the bun. There's ample lettuce and the tomato is a fresh thin slice. Sadly there is no beetroot option however due to the overall flavour of the whole burger you can forgive this.

Beef - 7 | Bun - 6 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 5 | Overall - 7.5

Posted 15.05.2007

Supa Centre - Cuizina - Supa Centre Moore Park

I was thinking about whether to add this burger to the review for a while, the reason for this is because this is a pre-made burger, yes you read right, this burger is made and sits in the hot food tray along with the chicken souvlaki's, pies and salads and pastas. It's really only a burger I eat when I'm in the Supa Centre and I am starving. The meat is warm at best, and worryingly is sitting at what I think is a perfect temperature for bacteria and what not to breed and fester away, I should mention though I have not ever gotten sick from one of these. The lettuce and in particular the tomato has often gone past the soggy stage is sometimes actually dry, I guess that's going to happen with the bright hot food lamps blaring away a few centimetres away from the burger. As expected the sauce is also dry and lacking in flavour.

The burger doesn't come with cheese however they'll gladly unwrap the burger slightly and shove in a slice of tasty cheese, and of course, because the burger isn't anywhere near the temperature required to melt the cheese it just sits there, a cold slice of cheese on a luke warm burger. Just remember this burger should only be eaten when you are in the Supa Centre and absolutely desperate for a burger type sandwich to eat, if possible you should always wait till you leave the centre and head up the road to OLE for the top rated beef burger.

Beef - 2 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 3 | Sauces - 2 | Salad - 3 | Overall - 3

Posted 10.04.2007

Mac Daddy - McDonalds

No burger review page would be complete without a blurb about the world famous Big Mac. Pictured below in all it's true class. This burger is perhaps the single best know burger in history, spawning things like the Big Mac index which is used to measure the purchasing power between two currencies. The Big Macs below were actually purchased in rural Czech Republic, however as McDonald's boasts consistency on an international level for it's products it shouldn't really matter where the subject Big Mac comes from. Looking somewhat different to it's advertising counterpart this Big Mac still had that famous flavour, of course this comes from nothing else but the mac sauce. Having worked at McDonald's for 4 years I am intimately familiar with the preperation and construction of a Big Mac, the special toaster required for the three level bun, the 10:1 patties, the mac sauce gun and of course the other standard stuff such as pickles, onions, lettuce and cheese.

Without the mac sauce this burger really is nothing special at all, unlike the name suggests, it's actually quite small for today's burger standards, the pattie is the same one used in junior and cheeseburgers, as is the cheese, onions and pickles. Despite this, that sauce really does bring you back time and time again, as an adult this burger really isn't eaten too often but few can deny themselves one once that geniune craving for a Big Mac kicks in. Much like a kebab, a couple of them is a very popular choice to end a big night off the wagon. It still amazes me, everything time I have a big mac, and I open up the box, or unwrap the paper, just how small and pathetic it looks, when compared with other mainstream burgers such as the whopper and other large milk bar burgers it just doesn't live up to it's name. I often wonder why McDonalds simply doesn't change the pattie used in the burger from the 10:1 to the 4:1, which is used in their Quarter Pounder with cheese and McFeast equivalent. The Big Mac is really only eaten when it is specifically craved for, it does have that unique flavour which has been attempted to be copied rather unsuccessfully on different occasions, so to calm that mac craving there really is no substitute, you must get yourself one, however, as time goes on, the time between mac cravings grows longer and longer.

Beef - 3 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 3 | Sauces - 7 | Salad - 3 | Overall - 5

Posted 26.02.2007

Wonderous Whoppery - Burger King / Hungry Jacks

The genius trademark burger of Hungry Jacks or Burger King, whichever name they want to use at the moment, the staple burger from this giant fast food chain has luckily remained fairly consistent. True to it's name this is one whopper of a burger, a large meat pattie that has been flame grilled, then cooled down and then microwaved just for you, dominates the bun, even overlapping it on all sides, which is unheard of from fast food burgers.

The lettuce is old, cold, and miserable, sometimes it's even brown, however the tomatoes are actually decently sized and appear to be fresh and quite firm, the mayo is probably the cheapest most rank quality they could get their hands on, and with the ketchup mixing in, it really does look quite filthy. You can't taste the mustard, and the pickle is really irrelevant in this monsterous mountain of fastfood goodness. The whopper must be consumed FAST, there is no point purchasing this burger then transporting it to another location to feed. The burger cools down to a tepid bacteria breeding frenzy temperature very quickly. This would be in part due to the large tomatoes, the big squirt of mayo and the decaying, still cold from refrigeration, lettuce, and more in part thanks to the marvel of microwaving the meat. With all things considering it is quite remarkable that this burger is actually delicious. Somehow, with the ingredients and equipment they use, the end result is a mouth watering meld of meat, cheese, sauces and the occasional burst of freshness from a tomato slice. Try one today, preferably blindfolded, and you too will see what I mean. By the way, if you don't get a whopper with cheese, it's not a whopper.

Beef - 4 | Bun - 4 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 6 | Salad - 5 | Overall - 6

Posted 26.02.2007

Cheese Anyone? - McDonalds

Cheeseburgers, arguably the best thing to come out of McDonalds. These little burgers, with their heavily processed extra yellow cheese, the boring old dry meat pattie, the ketchup, dab of mustard, the rehydrated dehydrated onions, and the obligatory pickle which usually ends up on one of the store windows, are really quite a treat for young and old. For years, on and off McDonalds here in Australia, and probably elsewhere, would tease the general public with limited time only double and occasionally triple cheeseburgers. These cheeseburgers taste surprisingly different to the standard one. They have only more of what's on the normal one, but really do differ in taste. Either way, a consequence of the recent, and ironically 'healthy' changes happening at McDonalds, has made these two variants of the standard cheeseburger available anytime and even have their own burger boxes.

As you can see from the triple cheeseburgers pictured above these really need to be consumed in moderation, the amount of saturated fat that comes from one of these is really phenomenal and would more than meat (pun fully intended) pretty much anyone's (or anything's) daily requirement. It is fun though, occasionally, to rip into one of these, the melted cheese mess and the three meat patties sweating with fat droplets really truly is disgustingly brilliant. Gorging ones self on this really must be done in private and preferably without shirt on, as this brings out the primal instincts. So head to the drive thru, get one, race home, close the blinds, remove all clothing above the waist, and feast. Oh and tell no one of what you did.... ever.

Beef - 3 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 5 | Sauces - 3 | Salad - n/a | Overall - 5

Posted 26.02.2007

Swiss Cheese and Mushrooms - Singapore Burger King

Ahh Singapore, the perfect east meets west city, when your there next you have to go to a Burger King and try the mushroom double cheeseburger, this burger is just fantastic.. The mushrooms aren't fresh, the swiss cheese probably isn't even swiss, and the meat is just the standard BK pattie, but the flavour in this little package is unbeatable. The size of this burger is pretty much a double cheese burger from Burger King, the patties take up around 95% of the standard, sugary, seasme seed bun. Interestingly this burger does not have any sauce as such, there is no tomato or bbq sauce, neither is there any mustard, instead this burger relies on the juiciness of the meat and the moistness of the mushrooms, and it does remarkably well, the burger is definitely not dry or rubbery, it's just perfect I think, once I did try and squirt some packets of tomato sauce from the Burger King counter onto it, and it completely ruined the distinct flavour of this burger.

The burger also has the typical rehydrated dehydrated onions that are oh so famous from the fast food burger giants, and the mushrooms, are at a guess, the button variety sliced, obviously I'm not suggesting there are actually sliced in the store, as, like I've mentioned, they don't taste too fresh. Anyway, even if you're just transitting in Singapore there's a BK located at Changi airport, so there's really no excuse for not trying one. and after you fill up on this you can roam around Changi's countless outlets working up the appetite for another one! Why can't the Burger King or Hungry Jacks down here have these?. Despite the ordinary scores for the ingredients (after all it's just stanrdard fast food stuff) this burger's overall taste is great!

Beef - 5 | Bun - 3 | Cheese - 4 | Sauces - n/a | Salad - n/a | Overall - 6.5

Posted 22.02.2007

Beautiful Beef - OLE Chicken and Burgers - 142 Anzac Pde Kensington 2033 (02) 9697 9003

I know that in portuguese chicken section I have stressed that the chicken burger from OLE! is the absolute best portuguese style chicken burger.... ever, but I have to mention the beef burger these guys do too. Pictured above, this burger is just classic milk bar style goodness. The meat tastes fresh, the onions are grilled to perfection, very importantly the tomato isn't soggy and old, and of course it comes with a slice of beetroot! Don't be fooled by the pic, it's not a double meat one, it was just an extra bit of meat, another thing I love about these burgers, the pattie is in every bite, from the first to last. Click on the picture for a hi-res shot, go on, it's worth it.

The grilled onions and the cheese meld really well with the huge bbq sauce drenched pattie. It's almost as if the chips are there for decoration alone as you don't seem to care about anything else in the world when your clutching this beast, this burger is definitely one of those that once you pickup, you don't or won't want to put down, it just gets devoured bite by bite. I do find it refreshing to have a drink, of preferably beer, every 2 - 3 bites, just to cleanse the palette so that you can enjoy that first bite experience over and over again! Again, don't be fooled, this is not double meat, it's just the pattie is so big that there are extra bits althroughout the burger. As you can see above the structural integrity of this burger is also very high, especially considering it's so big and quite tall, and has quite a bit of bbq sauce, this of course enables you to have a much better burger eating experience. The OLE! beef burger certainly has set the mark here and I would imagine will be extremely hard to beat.

Beef - 9 | Bun - 8 | Cheese - 6 | Sauces - 8 | Salad - 7 | Overall - 9

Posted 13.02.2007

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